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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Is Einstien's Theory of Relativity incomplete?  Flawed?  Or is it a matter of perception that does not meet our expectations caused by forces both known and unknown in the deepest reaches of the Universe?

These are the questions that currently vex the most capable and profound Cosmologists of our time.

If it is wrong, we should be working hard to find out why, but if it's right, we are on the cusp of a revolution

See also A March 9th, 2004 press release from the HUBBLESITE newscenter

More to follow...

Braun Tacon

12:23 pm pdt 

Friday, October 23, 2009


Whoops.  Federal investigators scramble to determine why pilots flew airliner 150 miles past airport.

The crew told authorities they were distracted during a heated discussion over airline policy, the NTSB said.

More to follow...

Braun Tacon

2:12 pm pdt 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thinking Problem Management!

Outstanding and relevant advise on Major Incident Handling and it's relationship to Problem Management from The Thinking Problem Management blog.

A generous and plentiful resource for great ideas and guidance.  Visit that site and I'm sure you will agree.

More to follow...

Braun Tacon
11:27 am pdt 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Giant Ribbon at the edge of the Solar System...

So says NASA

ht Instapundit

More to follow...

Braun Tacon

2:58 pm pdt 

Monday, October 12, 2009


This strange phrase appears frequently in the common vernacular and has many interpretations and stories behind it.

My favorite is below. Where I first came upon it, I don't remember but I do know it has been decades since I first heard this version of the tale and it has stuck with me since.

More to follow...

Braun Tacon

Author Unknown

After the War of the Almonds, the Land of Kulumar was the richest and most powerful of all.

Its fields were bountiful and its granaries were full. Its flocks were fat and sleek. The Kulumese were proud and productive. They worked and they rejoiced in the highest standard of living known.

Sire, the Generous, surveyed all this plenty and said: "Surely a country as rich as Kulumar should provide food and housing and garments for our less fortunate. I will ask the Lawmakers to levy a tax on the workers to provide this."

And the Lawmakers, each of whom hoped one day to become Sire, levied the taxes. They then said: "Let there also be free circuses for those who do not work. And let there be soft hassocks and free food and wines for those who watch the circuses."

And the Lawmakers levied more taxes.

When the workers of Kulumar heard of the free circuses, the soft hassocks, and the food and wines, and then figured their now monstrous taxes, they said: "This is for us."

The farmers left the fields. The shepherds abandoned their flocks. The weavers laid down their shuttles. The blacksmiths cooled their forges. All the Kulumese were watching the free circuses.

Plenty turned to scarcity. No longer was there abundant food. Garments were hard to come by. The Kulumese did not even have camel chips to heat their tents.

Prices rose and rose. And the Lawmakers raised taxes again and again. (It was the only thing they knew how to do.)

Misery and gloom replaced joy and pride.

And Sire, the Generous, who was well intentioned, went to the Wise Man of the Mountain and said: "Wise One, I have tried to give the good life to my people, but they no longer want to work. Food and goods are scarce. Prices are outrageous. Taxes are even more so. Give me a solution."

And the Wise Man of the Mountain replied in Kulumese: "TANSTAAFL."

Which means: "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."

7:55 am pdt 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Airventure 2009

If you like aviation, you'll appreciate the video linked below.

Airventure 2009 in 5 minutes.  Worth the watch.

Killer Music track, "All These Things That I've Done", by the Killers of course.

More to follow...

Braun Tacon

12:59 pm pdt 

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